by hoop tourism

Bringing tours
& hotels together

Tour Concierge by Hoop Tourism is a new concept of bringing together local tour products with hotels.

Imagine hotel concierges or front desks having easy access to the best tours in town with live availability?

That is what Tour Concierge by Hoop Tourism brings – an easy, single platform booking solution for hotels as well as a simple solution for tour operators to bring their products to staying guests.

Tour Concierge by Hoop Tourism
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Hotels are looking for the latest tour ideas to pass on to their staying guests.

However, hotel managers don’t have time or budget to invite every single tour provider to distribute their services at the front desk.

Here is where we come along… We do all that work for you: negotiating with the hotel, presenting your tour services & ensuring a simple booking solution for hotels to choose from several operators.

And what’s in it for you? A salesperson at the front desk in each of our partner hotels selling your tours to guests. 


Looking for the very best tour services in your local area? We have partnered up with local tour operators in your city & region to provide private tours for your guests, easily bookable from one platform!

Our white-label Tour Concierge by Hoop Tourism booking portal comes fully branded in your hotel colours incl. logo so you can visualise the tour options to your guests. Help them pick the right tour, check availability in real-time and book.

And the best thing?! You receive commissions on each tour sale you make! 

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